08 – The One with the Hipsters

On a hot-ish Sunday afternoon, Ashley and I enjoy the beautiful Austin weather and talk about how fast 2014 has passed us by. We discuss a local business owner doing awesome things, as well as a podcasting mogul who is making waves.

Things We Chatted About:

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  • stevetessler says:

    Thanks for the shout out!!

    I agree with what you said about EOP. I love the guests but to me he seems fake… I know you need confidence about what you do but it’s extreme to me. And all of the commercials….. I signed up for his podcast webinar and haven’t watched one yet but I constantly get e-mails to watch it.

    I had some great teachers too. Most of mine never knew I was there but once I got to high school I had a favorite.

    I graduated 5th in my class!! But I only had a graduating class of 6!!! Ha! Ha!!!

    Ellory read about Joshua Lawrence Chamberlin. He changed history during the Civil war!!!!

    Great show!!

  • ashmwells says:

    Thanks for the comment Steve!
    Who was your favorite teacher? Why do they stand out to you? I always love hearing everyone’s answer to that question! 🙂

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