06 – The Cruise Ship Discussion

Live (almost) from the Caribbean, Ashley and I podcast from our stateroom aboard the Navigator of the Seas. We talk about my first cruising experience, the quality of service on the ship, and whether we’d cruise again or not. Plus! What could we learn from going to the same restaurant every day? Listen and find out!

Things We Chatted About:

  • Swarm by B.V. Larson on Audible
  • Ellory’s obsession with the word “interesting”
  • Douche-bag travelers
  • Ashley’s problem with straws
  • The issue of “duty free” shopping
  • Ice skating

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  • stevetessler says:

    Now I can relate to this!!

    I used to cruise all over the ocean!! While in the navy we’d come into some ports with cruise ships. We’d always say we’d rather cruise on that ship!!

    We aslo had to anchor out even farther then those cruise ships and take ferries, tenders and sometimes our small boats to get to shore.

    As for rude people!!! In other countries like Ashley was mentioning… They have ZERO concept of a line!! They’ll line up initially but once that door or whatever is open it is a mad rush to get onto wherever they are going. We were caught off guard with this in Italy and Japan but quickly learned to do that same and just push more.

    I want to take a cruise someday. I was trying to tok my wife into going on the Dan Miller cruise because it coincided with our 20th wedding anniversary.  She shot me down on that………….

    Love the show!! LOVE IT!!!

  • ashmwells says:

    stevetessler You should look into a Royal Caribbean Cruise for your 20th….I bet your wife would be on board with that 😉 

    Thanks for your feedback!

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