05 – The One Where We Ruin True Blood

Explicit-ish. SPOILER ALERT! No, seriously. If you haven’t watched the series finale of HBO’s True Blood yet, we’ll ruin it for you in this episode. We also show you how much TV we’ve watched over the years. You’ll learn why Ashley can no longer call any of us nerds without including herself.

Things We Chatted About:

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Occasionally Explicit with Ashley and Ellory Wells
Occasionally Explicit with Ashley and Ellory Wells
Occasionally Explicit with Ashley and Ellory Wells

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  • Barbara Miller says:

    Great episode! There are 13 books in the series that True Blood was taken from. I have read them all – but I’m old and can’t remember how it ended. I’m late to the game of watching the series. I’m binge watching now – I have until my free HBO goes away the end of October. I’m through season 1 and 1/2 way through season 2. I think the books were funnier than the show. I was totally shocked that Tara was African American!

    Keep up the good work and have an adult beverage for me on your trip!

  • ashmwells says:

    @Barbara Miller Thanks Mom! We had plenty of adult beverages.  😉  I don’t think I could read the books….especially now that we’ve seen the series. You’ll have to let us know how the show coincides with the books!

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